womens pants heels


20 minutes


A mirror


Your shopping list

Dress pins

Belts and scarves


  1. Lay all your pants, jeans and jumpsuits on the bed.

  2. Immediately remove any you don’t love, that are faded, discoloured, pilled or stained or no longer fit and place these in the REHOME or REFUSE bag.

  3. For items that don’t quite tickle your fancy, especially those you’ve not worn in the last 12 months, try them on to see if they’re working for your body shape. Refer to my stylist’s tips below for advice.

  4. Pin hems to sample different hem lengths.

  5. Make your call and place in the REHOME, REFUSE or REPAIR bag.

  6. Again, get those creative juices flowing and consider how they can be worn casually or glammed up for special occasion.

  7. Have a play with belts while you’re trying on, just as you did with your shorts and experiment with shirts to create different looks for different occasions – think, a plain white t-shirt with your dressiest pants and sneakers or pair of heels and tailored jacket with your harem pants. Tie a button up shirt over the top of your jumpsuit…you get the drift!

  8. Return those you’re keeping to your wardrobe. Colour block and hang like a boss.

  9. Add to your shopping list particular colours and styles you need in your wardrobe.


Similar guidelines as for your shorts where the rise and cut/shape are concerned. With regard to length, again, in the interests of achieving the longest looking legs possible, go with pants that are 7/8 length or longer, as opposed to cropped at the widest part of the calf.

Curvaceous ladies might like to tame curves with a regular or straight cut pant as anything that dramatically tapers at the knee or ankle will accentuate curve. Rectangular types might like to create a sense of shape with a tapered or shaped pant, such a boot cut (wear your boot cut with heels or wedges to give height).

Dark colours have that minimising effect so, once again, keep this in mind depending on where you wish to divert and draw attention with your trousers.

Be cautious of size and placement of pockets on your tush – for Beyonce booties, small pockets are going to accentuate size, too large a pocket can funnily enough have the same effect so look for a medium sized pocket that is placed higher. Lower seated pockets will have a gravitational effect on your butt.

If the cut of the pant is not working for you as a long pant, might they work if you hemmed them as a pair of shorts instead? Certainly, worth considering as you go along your merry way, especially with any denim jeans that you no longer love.

Must have pants:

Classic black pant – look for a pair that can be worn casually with your canvas sneakers or ballet flats on weekends, dressed up for work or worn with heels and dressy top/tailored jacket for an after-five occasion to get bang for your buck. If you find a great pair that works for your shape then collect a few colours as budget permits; they form a great foundation for a capsule wardrobe – think navy, white, neutrals (khaki, taupe, stone etc) and then statement colours or patterns.

Denim jean - Classic, dark denim is more easily dressed up than pale denim or jeans with rips and fraying. When you find the cut that works for your shape, collect it in a few colours, not overlooking black and white if desired.

Relaxed pant – perfectly comfortable for travelling and for weekends/relaxed occasions, a relaxed pant, with drawstring or elasticated waist and either fitted ankle or wide leg if you are blessed with height, is a nice alternative.


  • Part ways with those that need to go to the trash.

  • Hand stitch cuffs in place for any pants you wish to hem or put aside for a professional to do.

  • Hit the shops to take advantage of mid-year sales to find your desired pairs.


Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern New South Wales Stylist, Louise Chambers is available for personal styling, photo shoot & media styling, style workshops, fashion event MC bookings and media bookings.

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