10-15 minutes


All skirts you own


A mirror

Your shopping list


  1. Take all skirts and lay out on your bed.

  2. Immediately remove any you don’t love, that are faded, discoloured, pilled, stained or no longer fit and place these in the REHOME or REFUSE bag.

  3. For items that you’re unsure about, especially those you’ve not worn in the last 12 months, try them on to see if they’re working for your body shape. Refer to my stylist’s tips below for advice.

  4. Use dress pins to pin hems to experiment with lengths.

  5. Make your call and place them in the REHOME, REFUSE or REPAIR bag.

  6. Return those you’re keeping to your wardrobe. If you’re hanging them in your closet, colour block them – I use the ROYGBIV or rainbow colour order (I’ve been obsessed with doing this since I was about 11 years old!), then place white at the front and black at the back, with patterns to be determined by their dominant colour. For multiple skirts in the same colour, order them by length within their colour block.

  7. Add to your shopping list any skirt styles or colours that will make your wardrobe sing.


When shopping for skirts or determining whether those in your wardrobe are working for you, understanding your body shape and the science of dressing it, will help.

Length - Universally, just under the kneecap, on the knee or slightly above if you’re happy with your knees is most flattering. Many of my clients over the age of 40 express the fear of looking like 'mutton dressed up as lamb' and one way you can certainly channel that is by wearing hemlines too short. If this is a fear of yours keep it to slightly above the knee, at most. Maxi length works well for most of us too and is perfect for those wanting to wear a dress but are self-conscious about the shape or appearance of their legs. Check out this divine maxi from Brisbane label, White Label Noba:

White Label Noba Skirt

Hemlines that cut half way through the calf, are going to crop your leg length and dampen the illusion of height (same applies to pants), so in the interest of longer legs, go a little longer to 7/8 length if you’re keen for a cropped pant.

Shape – With the hourglass shape being the most coveted body shape (cheers, Marilyn Munroe), I’ll explain skirt shapes in terms of their ability to give the illusion of an hourglass shape.

If you’re already hourglass shaped, you might find skirts that hug the thigh and knee accentuate the curviness of an hourglass too much, if you feel this is the case, opt for a pencil skirt that is straight from the hip to the knee.

Likewise, for pear shapes, where hips are wider than the shoulders, avoid anything that comes in at the knee. Look for skirts that have a slight flair or A-line from the hip or one with fluidity through subtle pleats and gathers. Darker colours are minimising colours so keep those on the bottom half of your body and draw attention to the top half with patterns, shapes and/or colour.

For rectangular shaped bodies, look to add curves via a shaped skirt; A-line, tulip shape, skirts with peplums, ruffles or frills. Anything that is not a pencil skirt – will give the illusion of curves for you.

Broad-shoulders can be balanced by skirts with flared shapes or fluidity as well.

If your tummy area is something you’re conscious of be mindful of large pleats, gathers or hefty zips and ties that might add to the area. Some stores and labels have options with shapewear built into the front panelling of the skirt – a firm, ponte fabric, with a flat, elasticated waist band might look and feel great on.

With the skirts you have in your wardrobe if they’re not making you feel fab, work out why. Is it the length? The shape? Can they be altered to better suit and increase the chance of being utilised in your wardrobe?


  • Cast away those discards.

  • Set aside those you wish to have altered and commit to arranging the alterations if you’re not tending to those yourself – you can save them up with other garments for a mass alteration session post June 30.

  • Keep your eyes open for skirt styles that you’re now seeking to collect.


Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern New South Wales Stylist, Louise Chambers is available for personal styling, photo shoot & media styling, style workshops, fashion event MC bookings and media bookings.

Instagram: @stylechambers