10 minutes


All hats and millinery



Your shopping list


  1. Scrutinise your collection of hats and millinery.

  2. Part company with anything that has lost its shape, faded or discoloured, anything you no longer love or that you’ve not worn in the last two years (with your millinery, however, if you still like the piece, you might like to hang onto it a little longer), utilising those REFUSE or REHOME bags.

  3. Be realistic about what you need for your lifestyle as far as sun hats and caps go. Because caps are a popular promotional tool businesses throw around these days, you may find an accumulation of those. Be ruthless.

  4. Have a play with your hats by adding scarves to change up the band or wear your scarf as a head scarf, keep the tails long and to the side, then wear your hat on top for an exotic look. Swap them around and tie the scarf like a headscarf on the crown. Take pics on your phone of your winning creations.

  5. Store those you’re keeping in their current home and we will assess storage soon.

  6. Add any hat styles you like to add to your shopping list.


We’ve all heard someone say “I’m just not a hat person”, but the reality is that sun protection is a non-negotiable necessity in our climate. They can add an edge to an otherwise plain outfit and it takes mere seconds to put one on.

It’s nice to have a couple of options for casual and smart casual occasions (think a day at the polo or corporate bbq/picnic). A classic, broadbrim, fedora or panama will never date, remembering straw is for the warmer weather but felts and wools more suitable for the cooler seasons (this also applies to your race day millinery).

A day at the races is a popular social outing, so always have a piece on hand. Besides that, they’re an elegant accessory for a wedding, so don’t overlook using your millinery for such an occasion. Start with neutrals or metallics and add your colours and styles as necessary. If you’re crafty, consider making your own. I’ve even threaded a large link necklace onto a headband to create a simple but unique piece on many an occasion (image on the right). Millinery covers everything from a headband, to a scarf, turban, percher, fascinator, to a hat of any description, shape and size these days. Evaluate and cull the collection every couple of years.

If you’ve spent good money on designer or bespoke millinery, consider recovering some of those dollars by hiring it out…check out Millinery Market. Another great way of finding that perfect piece for your outfit if you'd rather not buy one.


  • Perform the discard.

  • If you’re ‘not a hat person’, head into your local hat store or department store and spend some time trying on different styles. Take a trusted, stylish friend with you for an honest opinion. There’s usually at least one style that will suit, it’s just about finding the right size and shape.


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