10-15 minutes


All gym and activewear


Your shopping list


  1. Yank out all your activewear pieces and lay them on the bed.

  2. Remove any that are discoloured, faded, pilled, have lost their elasticity, are holding onto body odours, are uncomfortable, that you no longer love or haven’t worn in the last 12 months.

  3. When you’re trying on your tights, I want you to stretch the fabric and if the fabric is thin enough to see skin or your undergarments, let them go (we’ve all been in that class when someone bends over in front of you can see right through their tights, right?) It’s just awkward.

  4. Think about the length of your tights too. Just like pants, are they cutting you off at the widest part of your calf and cropping your leg length?

  5. Look at how your pieces integrate and co-ordinate with other pieces…do they work?

  6. Fill those REHOME, REFUSE OR REPAIR bags and then return items you’re keeping back to the wardrobe.

Bod By Rachael Finch
Bod By Finch


Don’t buy activewear clothing items unless you’ve already committed to starting your active pursuits! If you accumulate these items when you have no firm plans in place and they sit, unworn and unloved in your drawers, they are again, negative reinforcement that you’ve not yet started, and you’ll beat yourself up about it. Buy new pieces as a reward for taking the first step to doing something healthy for yourself - when you’ve made the commitment to start (i.e. set a date with a training partner, signed up at the gym or started your morning walks).

The clothes (or armour!) that we put on each day are the non-verbal way of telling our story about who we are, what our standards are and what we think of ourselves…whether we're at work, doing the grocery shopping…or at the gym!

That said, put the same amount of effort into your activewear, that you do with the rest of your wardrobe because, in my opinion, if you look good, you feel good and that’s half the battle when it comes to dragging your butt to boot camp! Does this mean it’s time to part with your husband’s reject t-shirts and mismatching holey, trakky daks for your workouts? Yes. Yes, it does.

There are lots of wonderful lines and labels available to us, here in Australia, for activewear that won’t look out of place if you have to run a brief errand en route to or from your workout, regardless of your budget.

When buying activewear, pick up the matching jacket to travel to and from your workout as well. It never hurts to choose a comfortable sneaker that works aesthetically with your outfit too.

Very definitely, there’s a fine line between activewear and sport luxe casual and streetwear now, however, unless you’re working in the fitness industry for a living, compression tights as go-to casual attire makes no sense to me in my personal opinion.

Taking note of care instructions and adhering to them, will mean longer lasting activewear so be sure to wash and dry as recommended so you’re not having to replace them as often.


  • Hurl the discards into the REFUSE bag.

  • Set aside your REHOME and conduct any REPAIRS.

  • Remember, we’re not shopping for any activewear until we’ve made firm commitments to get active!


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