15 minutes (or 30 minutes including cleaning)


All hair tools – straighteners, curling wands, curlers, crimpers (!), hair dryers, combs, brushes, hair accessories.

All hair products – shampoos (including dry shampoos), conditioners, treatments, gels, mousses, hairsprays, serums.

Your shopping list



  1. Starting with your hair tools, let's lose any that we’ve not used in the last 2 years (unless you go to the odd 80s party, the crimper has GOT to go!). At the very least store retro tools in your fancy dress or costume box; it doesn’t have to be taking up space alongside your more utilised tools. We’re also losing any that have dodgy wiring/damaged cables.

  2. Looking at your brushes and combs, cull these as desired though don't overlook throwing one in the glovebox of your car.

  3. When was the last time your combs and brushes had a good clean? Or are they in need of replacing instead? Like our cosmetics tools, warm soapy water should do the gig nicely and using an old toothbrush will help remove any product build up too.

  4. Cull any hair accessories you’ve not used in the last 12 months, as well as any hair bands that have lost their elasticity or are starting to show their age.

  5. Add to your shopping list any items you wish to replace as you go.

  6. Moving to products now and again, let go of anything not used in the last 12 months. Anything older than that, if you’re wishing to keep it, check the consistency and smell of the product - let it go if it has congealed or split or has a tainted odour about it.

  7. Are your products stored neatly and are they easily accessible? Would it be beneficial for them to be corralled in a tray or tub?

  8. For various pins and hair bands, find yourself a compartmentalised craft or fishing tackle box of suitable size.

hair tools


Just as I’m not a make-up professional, I’m no hair stylist either (sorry to disappoint!), so I won’t make sweeping claims about hair to do’s and not to do’s, as again, hair is a personal thing.

Use your time in salon at your appointment or take a trip to Priceline or Hairhouse Warehouse to access the knowledge of the professionals to achieve any looks you’re aspiring to. Like make-up, there are industry advancements and new products that can help us achieve better hair condition and colours, break us out of a hairstyle rut and make styling easier. So, take the time to do a little exploration and learning of your own when you get a chance.

There are a couple of products that I can personally recommend…

If you haven’t yet ventured into the magical world of dry shampoo, this is something I will forever sing from the rooftops about!

Likewise, in the biz there is a product referred to as ‘hair cocaine’. It’s a white powder. It very definitely makes your hair high. While it leaves your hair feeling quite gritty, it’s fabulous for adding volume. So you don’t feel like a total trash bag when you’re going to ask your retailer for it, you might be best to ask for styling or volume powder. Just to clarify, for legal reasons, we’re applying this to our hair, ok? 🤣

If like me, you have hair that frizzes when you merely look at the rain icon on your weather app, you might like to try Davroe Straightening Balm available from Hairhouse Warehouse.

One last thing...if you wear hair bands to tie back long hair, choose a hair band that matches your hair colour. Alternatively, wrap a piece of hair around the pony tail and pin on the underside or pick up some metallic hair band shields to lift your grooming game.


  • Discard that useless stuff.

  • Did you find a hair treatment you haven’t used in ages? Use it tonight!

  • Go and have a chat with your local hair care professional to learn what’s new on the market or how to manage any hair issues you’d love to eliminate.

  • Shop for any organisers and/or products you’ve added to your list.