TIME: 10 minutes (providing no detangling is required…this can be a painful time consumer!) YOU’LL NEED: All necklaces Your REHOME, REPAIR and REFUSE bags Your shopping list ACTION:

  1. Pull out all necklaces you own.

  2. Detangle any intricate pieces and knots.

  3. Remove any that are permanently damaged, chipped/scratched and irreparable, that you no longer love or haven’t worn in the last 12 months.

  4. Set aside any strung beads that have broken and need to be re-threaded (if you plan to keep them) or any that need a good clean.

  5. Immediately part with any that are tarnished, unless they're of value to you then consider having them electroplated. This is less expensive than you might imagine and is ideal to bring treasured pieces back to their former glory.

  6. If you have pieces that you keep stored and never wear because they’re precious/expensive/special occasion only, please start wearing them! Life’s too short to keep expensive jewellery locked away for a special occasion!

  7. Add to your shopping list, colours or styles that you’d like to add to your collection.

  8. Return them to their place in your wardrobe and we'll address storage down the line.

STYLIST’S TIPS: Longline necklaces are great for creating vertical lines on the body. Consider where your necklaces are ending and creating a visual sign post – are the ending on a part of your body you don’t want to draw attention to i.e. tummy or bust? For those of use with short necks, give the illusion of a longer neckline by going for longer pieces that sit midway between the bustline and collar bones (as opposed to choker length). I love a statement necklace, especially when teamed with a scarf (worn open, with the tails long). To avoid cluttering your neckline and face – choose either a statement necklace or earrings, but not both. If you’re wearing a statement neck piece or earrings, a statement cuff on the wrist will still work. Try layering multiple necklaces to create a fashion forward, edgy look – they can be multiple metallics (either fine or chunky pieces), pieces in the same colour family or a variety of colours drawn from your outfit; different lengths can add interest too. Try this in the store, when you’re buying your pieces. A good selection of colours, just like your scarves, will make several combinations in your wardrobe. Neutrals and metallics will work back with most things and don’t forget to cover all occasion types too – a bit of bling or a classic pearl necklace are always must-haves, in my eyes. FOLLOW UP ACTION REQUIRED:

  • Toss those pieces that have ‘lost their shine’.

  • Do your Googles for an electroplater in your area so when we’re done with sorting our jewellery, you can hit the ground running and drop those pieces in for re-dipping.

  • Tend to any cleaning or have any precious items professionally cleaned so they’re ready to roll when you want to wear them.

  • Set aside time to re-thread or do some repairs on those pieces you know you fix or re-incarnate.

  • Keep your eyes open while you’re shopping, for pieces you wish to add to your collection.

  • Drop not-so-subtle hints to your loved-ones as your birthday or Christmas approaches for any precious metals, a string of pearly or gems you might also like to add to your collection!


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