15-20 minutes


All jackets, jumpers, cardigans, hoodies etc

A couple of belts


Your shopping list


  1. You know the drill…lay them all out on the bed.

  2. Remove any you don’t love, that are faded/discoloured/pilled or stained, have lost their shape/stretch or no longer fit and place these in the REHOME or REFUSE bag.

  3. As you're trying on your jackets for fit, if you can’t comfortably button or zip the front, I want to you look at the item worn open and if it fits across the shoulders and sleeves nicely, you can keep it. Most jackets that button just under the bust, are rarely worn done up, so if the jacket fits elsewhere, keep it!

  4. Have a play with belting jackets to achieve different looks.

  5. For items that don’t make you feel fab, especially those you’ve not worn in the last 12 months, it's likely its not working for your body shape or working with other pieces in your wardrobe - say thanks for the memories and see you later. Refer to my stylist’s tips below for advice.

  6. Return those you’re keeping to the wardrobe – colour blocking and then by length within their colours. If a jacket belongs as part of a multi-piece suit, separate those pieces out so you can mix and match more freely in your wardrobe, rather than wear the pieces together, same way each time.

Black Jacket Target
Jacket via www.target.com


Jackets come in many cuts, lengths and styles – casual bomber style jackets to cardis to tailored jackets and trench coats.

Let’s talk length – be mindful once again of where your jacket ends and creates horizontal lines across the body. A cropped style can nicely highlight a waistline. On the hip or just above is generally flattering for most of us. Slightly longer jackets that draw the line across the widest part of the hip might best be avoided by anyone not wanting to draw attention to the hip area, ditto with upper thighs. Take it down to mid-thigh or to the knee, instead. Hemlines that are not straight i.e. waterfall or cascading hemlines are great for dissecting through hip and thigh areas.

Regarding cut, once again, as this is your layering piece, it would be ideal for it to create a great shape on your body, instead of a boxy, shapeless silhouette. Denim and boucle box jackets can be dishonourable to many of us for this reason. If you have a generous bustline, double breasted jackets or jackets with pockets in this area will draw attention as add volume; single breasted with a narrow lapel, if any, will keep this area streamlined. Naturally, if you’re keen to add the illusion of size to your bustline, you can opt for that double-breasted or even military style jacket with button detailing and so on. Avoid excessive padding in the shoulder area if you’re broad-shouldered, however you can embrace it to balance out hips.

Wear your jackets open, where possible, to create those elongating vertical lines on your body (if you must, do up your jacket when required for warmth, but open again in a heated space).

Must haves:

A well cut, shaped denim jacket (hard to find but don’t give up until you find it!) – when it fades and frays after years of use, this can add character, otherwise re-dye it if you feel the need.

A well cut, tailored jacket that buttons under the bust and sits on or just above the hip (black, navy, white or a colour that floats your boat). Wear this with a tailored pant or skirt, shorts or your denim jeans (you’re going to wear this more than you think!).

A well cut, leather (or good looking faux leather) jacket in black or neutral, will be an investment piece that will see you through years of style. Many of my clients worry that this is just for the ‘young ones’, but if you get the cut right for your body shape, age is absolutely irrelevant.

Casual options of various lengths for both warmth and layering style – think trench coat and longline cardigans.


  • Ta ta to those you’re letting go.

  • ‘Tis the season to hunt down jackets to round out your capsule wardrobe, they’re all on sale right now too.


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