It’s departure day. Don’t get off to a stressful start with your holiday; plan to leave early to arrive in plenty of time for your plane/bus/cruise. Plan for the unforeseen like traffic delays and long check-in queues. There’s no better way to get into holiday mode than a pre-journey drink or leisurely stroll around the terminal (think duty free!) to soak up the holiday vibe. If you’ve got access to an airline lounge, take advantage! In between two long haul flights they are fabulous for a feed and a shower to feel human again. I often see people rushing to the gate lounge, kids sometimes in tow, parents urging kids to hurry along who are in tears for whatever reason … that’s not a holiday. That’s a nightmare. Take the time to plan ahead and execute the plan like a boss.

Keep a diary & save stuff as well as the memory...if it’s your thing!

We all usually take photos on our holidays but time flies when you’re having fun and as time passes, so often do our memories of the little things. The exact location of where something happened, the name of the hotel with the quirky whatevers or the restaurant that served that amazing veal scallopini funghi might escape your memory. At the end of each day or while in transit, I write those details of the day in a notebook or journal. It’s truly interesting, often amusing and definitely nostalgic to read over several years down the track. It takes me right back to the moment. Priceless.

If you wish to keep souvenirs of the trip such as tickets, maps, currency, receipts from purchases, etc do so and plan to do more with them than store them in a box as a silverfish fodder. Make a framed collage along with your favourite photos of the trip. Scan them to include them in your coffee table book of photos or slide them into the sleeves of your photo album alongside the relevant photos.

Well, whatever your holiday plans are - a local weekend getaway to the islands or mountains, family road trip or international adventure (maybe it’s just a plan to one day plan a holiday?) - get planning. Have something to look forward to & get excited about it! Get that countdown happening.

One last tip from actress, Evangeline Lilly:

An odd one, but possibly one with merit. Evangeline Lilly, when appearing on Ellen, proclaimed she swears by shoving Vaseline up her nose before a long haul flight to reduce the chance of catching air-borne disease in flight. She says is stops the inside of your nose from drying out and cracking which allows disease to infiltrate your system. True story. Let me know how that works for you!

Bon voyage!


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