Well, well, well. It’s been a big month of culling and renewing. Hopefully, you’re a little inspired to create, maintain and enjoy your organised wardrobe and the art of styling!

If you haven’t been doing it along the way, now’s the time to cleanse yourself and your life of those items that are no longer serving you and pop them in the bin.

If you have high end labels, in great condition, that no longer work for you, you can try selling them either online or on consignment via a boutique. Brisbane's newest destination for buying and selling nearly new labels is Flip, on Oxford St, Bulimba.

Otherwise, head to your chosen charity or catch up with friends and family to REHOME those items. If you’re choosing the latter, make the experience fun – take time to have a play in your respective wardrobes and swap bits and pieces. Just like shopping, no budget required. Take pics along the way.

Speaking of pics, create yourself an album in your phone to stash away those pics you took this month, so you have a look book to refer back to quickly as the need arises for some wardrobe inspo.

If you’ve been following my Instagram account for a while, you know I do occasionally like to dip into my husband’s wardrobe for the odd piece here and there to have a play.

I highly recommend you take some time to do this too! Business shirts, t-shirts, even ties can be utilised if you’re creative and bold enough to do so. Here are some of my favourite female tie looks, found on Pinterest:

Not sure how much your partner will love this; just remind them that it saves you from spending money on clothes and the conversation usually wraps up about there!

You can still shop though! Now you're armed with your shopping list, it's important to stick with your list, particularly if budget is important to you. Don't go impulse buying unless you know the item is going to work in your wardobe. As my friend Lucy Hendriks from The Fashion Workshop says, "you've got to love it madly or need it badly"...to which I add that you have to love it enough that you'd be prepared to swap a family member for it (well almost).

To avoid the overbearing and painful wardrobe that makes life that much harder in the morning, adopt the mentality of buying to replace, so, as you're putting something new in, something else has to be evicted to make space for it.

Doing a wardrobe audit every 6-12 months is always going to keep you in good order too.

It's June 30 tomorrow. Last day. I promise it will be light and fun!


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