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  1. So, we’re letting go of those we’re not reaching for any more, for whatever reason. If you don’t love them or they’ve turned a corner colour wise and become deep yellow or even brownish, it’s a sign to move them on. Perhaps a scent takes you back to an occasion that you’d prefer to forget. I’ve certainly moved fragrances on from some for that very reason.

  2. Store those you’re keeping and consider making them a part of a vignette on your bathroom benchtop. This is nice a) if you have the space to do it and b) often forget to apply a fragrance because it’s out of sight.

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How much is too much? Fragrance is a funny thing. Our olfactory senses might sometimes fool us into thinking that any fragrance we’ve applied is not strong enough or can’t even be detected. This happens if you’ve become ‘immune’ to the scent – olfactory fatigue is the official term. It also explains why some people can’t smell their own body odour and believe they don’t need a deodorant! To others around you though, the scent (or body odour!) could be quite prominent, even overbearing. Be mindful of this when applying your fragrance (or not applying deodorant!). There’s nothing worse than smelling someone metres before they’re in your personal space. Remember, not everyone will love the scent as much as you do. I once walked into a shopping centre as a man walked out with so much fragrance on, I could taste it in the air after he walked passed me! Yak!

Many people have a signature scent that they use, almost like a personal calling card. Others prefer a selection of fragrances to suit their mood, an occasion or the season!

Ever thought about creating your own signature fragrance? Libertine Parfumerie in Brisbane allows you to create your own – what a smashing gift idea or hen's party alternative!

Either way, when sampling new fragrances, allow time for the chemicals to react to your skin and produce its truest notes, before deciding. Don’t rub a fragrance into the skin as it changes its composition and always try it on the skin as opposed to a slip of cardboard – the results can be disappointingly different.


Fragrance + sun exposure can cause skin pigmentation.

It’s a FACT! Be mindful when you’re spending time outdoors, where you’re placing your perfume!

Secretion from the intestines of whales is used to make perfume.

It’s also a FACT! It’s called ambergris and it’s a wax-like substance that originates as a secretion in the intestines of the sperm whale. It gives perfume its lasting power. Synthetic alternatives are now more commonly used, though more expensive brands still use it.


  • Perform the discard!

  • REHOME any you think might be more appreciated by a friend or family member. Don't be offended if they don't take you up on the offer though. Fragrances cannot be gifted to charity unless they are unopened.

  • If fragrance doesn’t currently feature in your grooming regime, step into your local department store to start sampling. Equally as rewarding, smaller boutiques and homewares stores that stock local products can throw up a surprising alternative and one that’s less popular than mass produced fragrances.

  • Shout yourself to a bespoke fragrance experience one fine day soon!


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