5-10 minutes


All belts you own



Your shopping list


  1. Let’s immediately depart those that no longer fit, that are peeling or cracking or you’ve not worn in the last 2 years.

  2. Take one belt at a time and try it on in front of the mirror, assessing whether it works for your torso length and body shape (refer to Stylist’s Tips below).

  3. Top up those REHOME, REPAIR or REFUSE bags.

  4. Set aside any belts that you wish to retain, that are too big and need additional holes added to them.

  5. When was the last time you cleaned your belts? It’s fairly nauseating when you ponder the fact that they never go in the washing machine, but we undo them and do them up when we use the toilet (and worse still, public toilets!). Give them a wipe over with anti-bac wipes once in while, huh?

Carla Zampatti Belt
Belt By Carla Zampatti


Like hats, some people will confidently declare they’re “not a belt person”. Some of my styling clients prefer not to wear belts as they can potentially draw attention to their tummy, a part of their body they want to play down. Some clients feel more comfortable wearing a belt underneath a layering piece (ie. long line cardi, coat or jacket) that covers the sides of the torso and reveals a small portion of the belt in the centre front only.

For those happy to utilise belts, it's about getting the width of the belt right, in relation to the length of the waist/torso. They can be a great accessory for giving the illusion of a waistline. If blessed with a long waist, wider belts (anything more than around 7cm wide) will look perfectly fine and balanced. Alternatively, skinny belts can look a little ‘dwarfed’ by a long torso. For those of us with short waists, we don’t really want to go any wider than around 7cm. Skinny belts often work fantastically.

A variety of belts can provide a nice range of options for your garments and the ability to change up looks. From the classic black, metallics and neutral leather belts, through to coloured, print (including my favourite – animal prints), through to statement buckles, military style webbed belts for casual looks, corset style or obi style wrap & tie belts, again, not overlooking scarves to change it up.

My favourite belts for the last couple of years, have been the flat metal band belts, made famous by Michael Kors – I have a silver and a gold option and I’ve worn them more than I could've imagined.

Try adding your belts over the top of your layering pieces for a different look.


  • Take any belts that need to have holes added to your local shoe repair outlet or you can purchase the tool from the likes of Spotlight to DIY.

  • Let go of those that have passed their use by date and set aside the REHOME bag for later distribution.

  • Look out for pieces you would like to collect in your shopping travels.

  • Did you wipe those belts with anti-bac wipes? 😊


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