10 minutes




  1. Empty out your sock and hosiery drawer.

  2. We’re obviously relegating anything without a matching buddy, anything with holes or ladders, that is super-tired looking or anything washed with the wrong colour garments (that have subsequently turned a dubious shade of pink, grey or other colour) to the REFUSE bag.

  3. Add to that anything not worn in the last 12 months…they need to go.

  4. Add to the REHOME bag anything in good condition (and I mean still new, with tags attached only) that you don’t wish to keep. Anything less than new will need to go in the REFUSE.

  5. Think about how many pairs you genuinely need for your lifestyle and determine a quantity that is adequate before returning those to your drawer.

  6. Add to your shopping list any socks or hosiery you wish to replace.


Hosiery is a seldom used item in our wardrobes these days, especially in our warm climate in Queensland. Opaque tights certainly have their place in winter (aren’t they good for being able to skip shaving for a bit? At least, until your hair starts poking through!).

If you’re not comfortable baring your legs in public if, for instance, you have prominent leg veins or pigmentation that makes you feel less than your most confident self, a pair of stockings slightly darker than your skin tone, might make it feel do-able.

If you’ve got a pair of white stockings stuck in the back of the drawer, you might have thought about pulling after seeing Meghan Markle’s recent embrace of them, with her white dress for her first post-wedding engagement. Worn with a white shoe, it seemed a little bit of a bridal style-hangover for my liking. She’ll snap out of it one day soon, if she hasn’t already.

For a bit of drama, a black fishnet can be fun in winter. Aside from that, I’d probably let all those coloured stockings from the 80’s go. I doubt you’ve worn them in the last 25 years, meaning you likely won’t wear them for the next 25 years. Unless, you’re planning to rob the corner store (which, for the record, I’m not suggesting or condoning!) … go on, let them go.

Socks are funny little buggers, aren’t they? One minute you have so many pairs and the next you have so many 'not pairs' (that hungry washing machine thing, right?). In doing this cull, I even found the bright red socks I was given in hospital when I had my daughter 17 months ago! I must have stashed them in the drawer in a weak moment of sentimentality or post-baby haze and there they’ve lingered. I’m letting those go. They say sometimes a photo is enough when you’re trying to part with something, so here we go, here is a photo:


  1. Dispose of the REFUSE bag of socks and hosiery.

  2. Set aside the REHOME bag, we’re using that for 28 more days (you can toss it in the trash, if it’s already full! Already?)


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