30 DAYS OF ORGANISED STYLE - Day 30: Find Your Muse

Sound that bell! We're here! It's June 30 and the final day of 30 Days of Organised Style.

Today is all about inspiration and finding yourself a style muse (or a few).

We’ve all flipped through a magazine, seen a celeb on TV, stopped mid-mindless scroll on Instagram or maybe even just double-glanced at someone while we’re out and about and admired how well put-together they are.

The next time you find yourself thinking that, take an astute look and establish what it is that made you look twice...Is it their hairstyle? A bold lip? A colour combination? A cut they’re wearing? An accessory? Their stance, posture or confidence? Or, the way all the above are put together?

Whatever it is, store that in your kit! After all, that’s the aim, isn’t it? To look good, feel good and attract positive attention and the odd compliment that will feed our confidence, even if just a little.

Image: Olivia Palermo by @palermoinspired

If there’s a celebrity you regularly admire, start picking up what they’re putting down! Sure, most public figures or celebrities have stylists, but it doesn’t cost a cent to take their cues. It’s particularly helpful to look for a muse or icon that shares the same body shape as you. This will assist in establishing shapes and cuts that might work for you, if you’re seeking direction.

Social media is ideal for seeking out people whose style you admire and to gain fresh perspective on style generally.

After that, it’s all about assuming the mindset, taking the leap and having the spirit to give it a go, own it and rock it! Just give yourself the permission to do it.

You don’t need my permission, so go on, just do it, have it, be it… what anyone else thinks is none of your business!

Thanks so much for being my pillion passenger on this ride…I hope you’ve found it inspiring and valuable. I’d love to hear your thoughts…or see some pics. Feel free to send me a private message on social media or an email.

If you do wish to post something you’d like to share tag me in it @stylechambers. Can’t wait to see them!

Enjoy the back end of 2018!


Louise is available for personal styling sessions and wardrobe audits in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Contact Louise.

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