30 DAYS OF ORGANISD STYLE - Day 27: Manicure & Nail Kit


5 minutes


All nail colours & nail products

All nail tools

Your REFUSE bag

Your shopping list


  1. Start with nail colours, checking for any dried up nail bottles and immediately placing them in your REFUSE bag.

  2. Any colours that you’ve not yet worn, decide whether to keep or REHOME.

  3. Look at your nail kit in its entirety and use the checklist in STYLIST’S TIPS below to gauge what you might need to add to your shopping list.

  4. Check nail files for their condition. If they’re worn, let them go and pick up replacements. Have you got spares for your handbag or car?

  5. How are your nail colours and your manicure kit contained? Do you have a tray, stand, box or bag for your colours? Is your manicure kit stored in a box or bag? Can you improve on this?

  6. Add to your shopping list any products or tools you’d like to add or replace.


Recommended at-home manicure kit contents:

  • Nail clipper

  • Nail file/s – choose crystal or glass files over metal.

  • Nail polish remover &/or pads

  • Multi-dimensional nail buffer

  • Cuticle remover gel

  • Cuticle stick/s

  • Cuticle clipper

  • Cuticle oil

  • Base coat – using a base coat will prevent yellowing of your nails!

  • Nail colours – a collection of clear, nudes & neutrals, statement & fashion colours is nice to have.

  • Top coat – gives longevity to your mani (sometimes you can find a product that will be a base and top coat in one).

  • Hand cream

  • Cotton pads

If your space is conducive to them, I love these acrylic stands for nail colours, available in a variety of sizes on eBay. From around $10-$25, your colours are easy to see and access.


  • Throw out those items you’re not keeping.

  • Tend to the shopping list.

  • When was the last time you had a manicure or did your own at home? If it’s been a while, set aside some me-time to do it.


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