30 DAYS OF ORGANISED STYLE - Day 23: Sunglasses


5 minutes


All sunglasses, reading and prescription glasses, cases & cleaning cloths

A mirror


Your shopping list


  1. Ok! Lay them all out on the bed.

  2. Check for any scratches and pop these in your REFUSE bag.

  3. Check for any loose screws and set these aside in the REPAIR bag.

  4. Any you’ve not worn in the last 12 months, can be REHOME’d or REFUSE’d!

  5. Any you’re keeping, give a good clean (I clean them with warm, soapy water and dry well, in between polishes with the cleaning cloth).

  6. Nominate a pair you’re going to use as car sunnies (see Stylist’s Tips).

  7. Assign them to cases, if you have them, along with their cleaning cloths and return to their home.

  8. Top up the shopping list with anything you would like to add in.

Image: Quay Australia


I like to have on hand at any given time, a classic black pair of sunnies, a brown or tortoiseshell variety; metallics (think aviator style) are good too and then opt for any fashion styles after (coloured frames, coloured lenses, reading glasses that we might not actually need but love the look of anyway!).

With a toddler in my life, who I've found on more than one occasion, grinding my sunglasses into the ceramic tiles after grabbing them from the hall stand, I’m leaning towards budget sunglasses more than luxury brands, at this stage. Whether you like your luxury brands or ‘servo sunnies’ as they’re often called, always check they meet the Australian standard for UV filtering (AS/NZS1067:2003).

Do you have a pair of car sunnies? You know, a pair you leave in the car for when you forget to grab your other sunnies as you’re racing out the door? Always a nice to have.

As far as sunglass shapes go in relation to face shapes, generally, the thought is if you have a round face, avoid rounded glasses as it can accentuate ‘roundedness’. If you have an angular or long/narrow face shape, rounded lenses can nicely soften.


  • Deal with your REFUSE sunnies

  • Pop those car sunnies in the car now, before you forget!

  • Put a have a spare case/sunglass pouch in your handbag, so your sunnies never meet your keys in there (sunnies never win that game).


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