30 DAYS OF ORGANISED STYLE - Day 19: Loungewear


10 minutes


Any items that you deem are just for ‘around the house’.


Your shopping list


  1. Pull out every garment you own that falls into the above category and lay them out on the bed.

  2. Consider your lifestyle – if you’re a homebody like me or you’re rarely at home – you can determine the quantity of ‘loungewear’ pieces you REALLY need.

  3. Say ciao to anything stained, uncomfortable, overly faded, have holes, no longer fits or you haven’t worn in the last 12 months.

  4. Fill up that REFUSE bag, it’s highly likely this gear won’t be in good enough nick to REHOME or even bother with REPAIRing. They might make good cleaning or polishing rags around your home though!

  5. I usually find my loungewear is made up of pieces that are no longer in good enough condition to wear out, if that’s not the case with you, add to your shopping list, any items you would like to have in your loungewear collection.

  6. Return those you’re keeping to their home in your closet.


This is one little category that can easily turn into a big little category! It’s all too easy to keep something we don’t want to part with for ‘just around the house’. I love that fashion retailers have created a niche and romantically called it ‘loungewear’ – the word makes me think of house parties for the rich and famous, in the 70’s, when glamourous women swanned around in palazzo pants channelling Bianca Jagger and lounged on velvet lounges while smoking Yves St Laurent cigarettes.

Ok, I’m back with you now.

If I’m not out on styling duty or working an MC or acting gig, I’m likely at home, writing, studying, weeding the garden (oh Lord, I feel old) and being a Mum to a toddler! I need comfort clothes...and my hair in a top knot. Not excessively pretty or stylish and I’m not really caring how my shape is draped in them either.

It is nice to have some decency about your loungewear though, you know, for when the courier delivers your online shopping or random visitors pop in, so let’s aim to have something that looks coordinated and keep whatever it is, in relatively nice condition. Basically, lets still have SOME standards? 😊

That said, I don’t want a closet heavy with them, either. So, we wrangle. Regularly.


  • Make your rags out of discards, otherwise let them go.

  • Do your shopping, as required.

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