30 DAYS OF ORGANISED STYLE - Day 18: Sleepwear


10-20 minutes


All pajamas, dressing gowns, slippers


Your shopping list


  1. Pull out all your pajamas, dressing gowns and slippers.

  2. Let’s part with any that we don’t love, haven’t worn in 12 months, don’t fit, have faded or discoloured, lost their shape or stretch.

  3. With seven nights in a week, work out how many nights in a row you want to sleep in the same garment(s) for each of your winter and summer varieties and add a spare pair of each and that’s all you need.

  4. When you’re trying them on, I want you to think outside the square again … have a quick read of the tips below to get my drift and take pics on your phone when you’ve found a winning look.

  5. Of course, we have our regular comfy, sleepwear and then we have our sexy pieces that make us, and our partner, feel fab (ok, I’m hearing Barry White in my head right now). There’s definitely a place for those so we’re hanging onto them if they don’t fall into the above categories.

  6. Once you’ve made your call, return those you’re keeping to the wardrobe and REFUSE, REHOME or REPAIR the rest.

  7. Add to your shopping list, pieces that you want to replace or add to your collection.


Have you ever worn your pajamas out in public? Alright, I don’t mean your flannelette 101 Dalmatians print jammies or your brief little satin boxers either. I have worn my Peter Alexander cotton long pants though! I have a floral and a stripe pair to which I added a heel and tailored shirt, classic white t or even tailored jacket. They’re basically a wide leg pant, so why not?

Sleepwear is a personal thing and comfort is the priority! Find what works for you, however do try to go with natural fabrics, where possible – cotton, bamboo, genuine silk – instead of polyesters, nylons and so on. Why? They breathe better. Your temperature will be better regulated while you sleep and your skin will be healthier for it.


  • Deal with your garbage, tend to any repairs and set aside your REHOME bag.

  • Haven’t got any sexy pieces? Got get ‘em, tiger!


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