30 DAYS OF ORGANISED STYLE - Day 15: Bracelets, Watches & Rings


10-15 minutes


All bracelets, cuffs, watches & rings


Your shopping list


  1. Scrutinise your collection of bracelets, cuffs, watches and rings for items you no longer love and before removing them (particularly in the case of rings or pieces of value) consider if you could have them remade into a piece you would love and wear, if not, let's place them in the REHOME bag.

  2. If you love a particular piece and it doesn’t fit, set it aside for resizing or link removal, in the case of linked chain bracelets and watches.

  3. With your watches, if you plan to keep them but they require battery replacement, set them aside to take to your local watch specialist or jeweller.

  4. Look for items that have tarnished and ascertain whether you might have them cleaned or re-dipped if they are meaningful to you. Set these aside.

  5. Add to your list any items you would like to add to your collection.

  6. Return pieces you’re keeping to wherever you store them, for now.


A balance of classic pieces and fashion jewellery is nice to have, not forgetting some blinging pieces for special occasions.

Although we mostly use our mobile phones as our watches these days, a classic timepiece is nice to have – after all, a timepiece can be equal parts fashion and practicality. If you’re a wearer of both silver and gold metallics, consider a piece that incorporates both, though both watches and rings (engagement and wedding rings) are not always going to work with your chosen fashion jewellery, which is perfectly ok!

If you’re stashing away, rather than wearing those valuable pieces, do yourself a favour and start wearing them!


  • Let go of those unloved pieces.

  • Set aside your pieces for cleaning, servicing, resizing, re-dipping or remodelling.

  • Look out for pieces to add to your collection, as per your shopping list or drop ‘dem hints to your loved ones!


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