Could you survive on $6500/year?

Ever dared to look at your superannuation balance and work out how much you'd have to live on weekly in retirement? Maybe you just prefer to avoid the misery and bury your head in the sand about savings and investments altogether.

“All too hard”, right?

“Investments are just for the rich anyway”.

“Living pay day to pay day isn’t that bad really. We’re surviving.”

“Plenty of people are ‘surviving’ on a pension.”

That was us too...until we decided to get real, shake the sand from our hair and take ownership of our financial destiny.

Deep down, we knew there had to be something better out there for us. Something to work towards, to give us hope and a better chance at a greater life. We don’t want to just “survive”. We want to thrive in retirement!

Don’t get me wrong, we have a good great life, and for that we are most grateful, but we know we’re capable of applying ourselves and doing better than just good. Relying on payment in return for turning up to someone else’s office when we’re told to, giving time/energy/knowledge/skills/passion to build wealth for someone else and not going home until the job is done (or when we’re told to), hoping that our superannuation and/or a pension might be there for us (and if so, that it will be enough) seemed like hard yakka and ominous to us.

What we do know is that we want a secure future and financial prosperity to give us freedom from merely hoping to have enough superannuation or access to pension to get by. We also wanted a great life with loads of fun and experiences along the way. What a great life looks/sounds/feels/tastes and smells like to us, is completely irrelevant. That’s going to be a very different picture for every individual who reads this. What is relevant, is the planned path and choices made to build a great life.

So, we started reading, educating ourselves, looking for role models and mentors to learn how they were doing life. Get rich quick, high risk/high reward ventures, pyramid style businesses and weight loss pills and potions were of no interest to us and we certainly thought that trading currency, stocks, commodities and bonds were well out of our league. Where do you start with all of that?

We’re excited to say we think we’ve found what we’ve been looking for and it’s not as difficult as first thought, now that we have found the right mentors who explain things in our language…not some highfalutin tech speak that made us feel out of our depth and overwhelmed.

Infinite Prosperity has been on our radar for a couple of years and we’ve watched from afar the success stories that have emerged, all the while wanting to be one ourselves. We wanted to enrol in their education program but could never quite scrape up the funds to do so – or at least we thought we couldn’t, always finding “better/more important things” to spend the money on. In a moment of daydreaming, it struck this mostly stay-at-home Mum, who worked from time to time but wanted more for her family…Could we afford not to do it?

The alternative was to go back to a 9-5 job, work for the man, at the expense of putting our daughter in day care five out of seven days, for someone else to raise, according to their ideals and values, which may or may not align with ours in the hope that there’d be enough super and/or a pension to see us through the “golden” years. How on earth could they be “golden” years when it seemed potentially grey?

So, we’ve boarded the education train and so far, we’re feeling hopeful and inspired by what we’re learning, not just about savings and investing but how psychology, mindset and lifestyle design play a big part in financial success. We’re aware this is a life long journey and I don’t get the feeling we’re going to fall of the rails too easily or encounter any major train wrecks because we feel very supported along the way. Thank you to Amy & Lewis at Infinite Prosperity for sharing your knowledge and success with us.

Watch this space.

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