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Stocks. Bonds. REITS. Commodities. FX. I’m a (mostly) stay-at-home Mum on the Gold Coast now after having worked for 20+ years in the entertainment, media and fashion industries and if someone said to me a couple of years ago that I would start to understand those financy/investy terms and even enjoy understanding them, I would’ve laughed in your face.


After all, in my mind they were just for the rich who could afford financial planners to manage their money for them. They were also “risky” to me for some completely unfounded and unidentified reason… not like buying property or ploughing every spare cent into superannuation which were sure things for a prosperous retirement, right?


I’m not saying those things aren’t necessarily wise choices but how do I live off these investments when my money is ‘tied up’ in them? Good Lord, I don’t know how long I’m going to live so when I cash out all my investments, so is it going to be enough to give my little family and I a good life?


The other thing that doesn’t sit that well with me is the fact that if I decided to go back to work full-time, I’d be entrusting someone I don’t really know with the task of raising our little girl (hopefully according to our ideals, values and morals!) while at day care most of the week while I return to full-time work. This is not a risk I’m comfortable taking. The discomfort of knowing our daughter was largely being raised by someone else, far outweighed the discomfort of budgeting a little differently to live off my one income (plus the work I do casually from time to time styling, presenting and writing).


I realise many, if not most, Mums feel the pressure to return to work full-time. If, like me, you think you’d be happy to tweak the budget a little and live off one income, while learning the fine art of saving and investing like only a small percentage of the world’s population genuinely care to do, in order to build a wealthier future than most people feel they are capable of doing, then take a look at this:


It may or may not be for you. It's no get rich quick strategy. It's not a high risk/high reward approach to wealth creation.  It's not a pyramid scheme and certainly doesnt involve selling weight loss pills and potions. Those things were not of any interest to us - we just wanted a genuine plan to save and invest with a healthy amount of reward/risk ratio.

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